About Us

Red Radio – providing you with the best in two-way radios

Originally established in 2004 by three former employees of a globally famous manufacturer and on the back of many years combined experience in the development, trade and marketing of two way radios, Red Radio was born and is a business thriving because of its unique expert knowledge, committment and heart felt promise to “get it right, every time”.

Based in Bedfordshire, and with additional Engineering, Sales and Support facilities dotted across the UK, Red Radio offers a nationwide service that has seen it develop a reputation for commitment and support for two way radio systems large and small.

Owner and General Manager John French has an excellent pedigree in the professional communications industry, starting in the 80’s at “Dymar Electronics” alongside Mike Atkins, Alan Hudson, Ken Rumbold, Ron Trimmer, Stuart Pile and many others who cut their teeth alongside the superb engineering skills led by JT Murasko, inventor of “quasi synchronous transmission”. Dymar was bought out by Burndept Electronics in around 1983 and the Watford factories were closed. John then moved to “Communique”, based in north London as their Service Manager, and moved to Maxon (first time round) for a more sales oriented role and responsible for troubleshooting and new developments until re-joining Communique as Technical Sales Manager.   In 1991 John started working for himself as a “troubleshooter” and assisted many radio dealers and manufacturers throughout Europe develop and integrate new solutions including:

  • The First Auriga Taxi Dispatch system
  • Modifications to Philips (Simoco) radios for taxi integration
  • Development of Fire Brigade tactical Repeaters for LFB
  • Fire Intercom equipment for Commend
  • Remote Control equipment for Taxi systems in Sweden

In 1993 John was "poached" to join Ascom Radiocomms as one of their Sales Managers responsible for large MPT1327 trunked radio systems, also developing the dealer market for Ascom's range of portables moving into Bosch Telecom when taken over and into Motorola when they aquired Bosch Telecom. After several years looking after the new developments for MPT1327 systems and a number of Police Forces, John was asked to re-join Maxon as National Sales Manager, responsible for the growth of Maxon products into the majority of Fire Services in UK as well as some large special projects for Government, Police and Councils.

John left Maxon in 2004 to set up RED with the assistance from his former work colleagues from Maxon and Bosch/Motorola.
Red Radio offers the industries best two way radio products at highly competitive prices. With in-house knowledge of total communications solutions spanning in excess of 50+ combined years, and unbeaten technical ability, Red Radio is the place to call if you’re in need of a walkie-talkie system to purchase or hire.

The company prides itself on the superb level of customer care and support that it provides throughout pre-sale, sale and after-care. From Primary Schools to Security services and Governmental agencies, its client list covers each and every industry; in fact the number of companies, businesses and industries who rely massively on two way radios might even surprise you – where safety, operational needs and security is critical, a two-way radio system can save time and money for little outlay when compared to the cost savings and benefits.

Since 2004, Red Radio was the UK and Ireland’s exclusive distributor of the Kirisun range of low cost two way radios and since 2010 we have worked closely with a number of carefully selected manufacturers to bring our own RED brand to market, initially with the “Lynx series” of feature rich products with high performance and functionality at a cost effective price.  We have a strong input to the design of our Lynx range of radios, and this has allowed us to incorporate unique features within the range, as well as allowing us to “trump” the competition with better performance, better robustness and better features, all for a better price.

The PT600 has gained a number of awards for its unique features for Lone Worker protection and support of “at risk” personnel.

Being an innovative communications provider, Red Radio offers the best overall solution for you; whether that is a two way radio, marine radio or accessories; from spare batteries to earpieces, the vast range of products is guaranteed to have exactly what you need. We can guide you through any enquiry, offering unbiased advice based upon your specific individual needs and budget.

Of course, as an independent supplier we believe in offering you, the client, a choice of manufacturers equipment and we are main suppliers or distributors for all the major manufacturers, giving us a very wide portfolio of products and you freedom of choice.

As for our online shop – we analyse the top 7 web sellers for professional communications equipment on a regular basis, and always try to ensure we remain highly competitive with all our prices.